A Connecticut police officer is being charged with breach of peace after his wife told fellow officers he assaulted her over the weekend.

Stamford police officer Silas Redd’s wife told authorities her husband held her in a headlock on a city street during a dispute over his infidelity.

silas redd sr.Mrs. Redd said she had suspected that her 54-year-old husband was lying to her when he told her he was visiting his brother in Stamford Saturday night.

She said after her husband failed to return to their Norwalk home at a reasonable time, she drove to his last known whereabouts and waited inside her car until she spotted his vehicle.

According to the police report, the victim followed her husband to a pizzeria near the intersection of Ann and West Main streets. She then waited for him to leave the restaurant, and while he was sitting in his parked vehicle, speaking on his cellphone, she approached him.

The victim confronted her husband about his alleged infidelity before grabbing his cellphone to see with whom he had been speaking with.

The suspect, who heads up the department’s youth bureau Truancy/At Risk Intervention Program (TARIP), which seeks to keep youth who run afoul of the law out of the criminal justice system, allegedly grabbed his wife from behind and placed her in a headlock before putting pressure on her face with a closed fist.

The victim reported the incident Monday morning.

Redd, who was arraigned in Stamford Superior Court on Tuesday, has since entered an inpatient program for alcohol treatment.

Redd is the father of Washington Redskins halfback, Silas Redd Jr.