Relatives of the Chicago Nordstrom employee who was shot to death by her boyfriend on Black Friday said she was too scared to take out a restraining order against her estranged boyfriend because he had lots of cops in his family.

ezaldeinNadia Ezaldein’s sister Nagah, said earlier this year she begged a judge to protect her sister from her abusive boyfriend  but the judge denied the protective order because Nadia was too afraid to testify against her estranged boyfriend Marcus Dee.

According to court records, Nagah Ezaldein went to court in April and begged Judge Caroline Moreland to protect her younger sister from her boyfriend.  When Judge Moreland asked why the abused victim was not in court to ask for the protective order herself, Ezaldein told the judge that she was scared to come because Dee and his parents were Chicago police officers.

Judge Moreland then told Ezaldein that “certain legal procedure have to be followed” and she could not issue a protective order unless the abused victim was present.

Nadia Ezaldein,a law student at the University of Chicago, never went to court to file a protective order.

deeLast Friday, 31-year-old Dee walked up to 22-year-old Ezaldein, who was working in the cosmetic department at Nordstrom, and shot her in the head.  He then turned the weapon on himself and committed suicide.

Ezaldein, who turned 22 on Thanksgiving Day, was rushed to hospital where she died.  Dee was pronounced dead at the scene.